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Well hello to you, fancy seeing you here. Welcome to my LiveJournal. Such fun! You, yes you in the back, please sit down and quit holding up that ridiculous sign. Rude. Don't get emotional, we're not Spanish. Right then, so onto the fic!

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Being Human
Boston Legal
Doctor Who: Third Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Fifth Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Seventh Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Era
Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor Era (Unknown)
Doctor Who: Multiple Doctors
For All Time (2000)
Harry Potter
Hawaii 5-0
The Closer
The Sarah Jane Adventures
The West Wing
Warehouse 13

The only thing I ask is that you don't crosspost my things. That includes Facebook and Twitter. Please and thank you. :)


Title: When Exhaustion Isn't The Only Thing You Share
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: T
Words: 1738
Summary: After an adventure, the Doctor and Sarah are very much caught up in trying to finally get some rest.
Notes: This has been sitting on my hard drive finished for far too long.

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Fic: Trivial Ceremonies

Title: Trivial Ceremonies
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: T
Words: 2144
Summary: The Fourth Doctor and Sarah bear witness to two of the Doctor's dearest friends getting married.
Notes: Merry Late Christmas spydurwebb!!! This gift was very hard to write, but thanks to angelgazing I got this strange idea at the eleventh hour and went with it.

Trivial CeremoniesCollapse )

Let's Recap 2012, Shall We?

Hello fellow LJ-ers! This feels like a long time coming as I have written little in 2012 and been stressed beyond comprehension. After taking a break post-graduation, I started graduate school in August, and it feels like I've been racing to 2013 with papers and academic nonsense! This list is definitely going to look sparser than in past years. There's gaps and holes in posts, and the only reason I think I have any words at all is because I started having back and forth challenges with self_preserving and spydurwebb in August.

Also, I miss being in an active fandom (Yes, former BSG-centric friends, I'm looking at you! I miss each and everyone of your faces!).

2012 was a bit of a crazy year in which Erin wrote little.Collapse )

The total posted word count comes to 22,316 words. *sighs*

I think the moral of this story is: don't go to grad school. No, seriously, check yo self before you wreck yo self by going to grad school (and in the words of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford? TREAT YO SELF). That is all! Have a great 2013! *hugs you all*
Title: The Baker, the Sheriff, and the Doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who/Eureka/Warehouse 13
Rating: T
Words: 1395
Summary: As Liz sits in Cafe Diem, Carter, Vanessa, and even life tries to intervene.
Notes: More of this crazy three fandom crossover. Written for self_preserving, prompt was Vanessa trying to gain more information from Liz about what happened.

The Baker, the Sheriff, and the DoctorCollapse )

Fic: The Scientist

Title: The Scientist
Fandom: Doctor Who/Eureka/Warehouse 13
Rating: T
Words: 719
Summary: As Vanessa speaks with Liz in her Global Dynamics lab, she realizes how many different things are happening at once and how it's all affecting her colleague and friend.
Notes: Written for self_preserving, prompt was love sick.

The ScientistCollapse )

Fic: Tangled

Title: Tangled
Fandom: The West Wing
Rating: T
Words: 1072
Summary: Before his debate with Governor Ritchie, the President walks up on a bit of a mess with two of his senior staff.
Notes: Written for self_preserving, prompt was CJ and Toby, all tangled up. Game On fic. :)

TangledCollapse )

Fic: Parallels

Title: Parallels
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: T
Words: 779
Summary: After hitting his head while in the Warehouse, Pete opens his eyes to discover everything is different.
Notes: Written for self_preserving, prompt was to change something in Warehouse 13's canon. Naturally, I pulled the ol switcharoo. :)

ParallelsCollapse )

Fic: Conversations

Title: Conversations
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: T
Words: 526
Summary: Kate shows up for dinner, and converses with her stepmother about her father, a new job at UNIT, and an old yellow roadster in the garage.
Notes: Written for spydurwebb, prompt was a wildcard in Doctor Who and self_preserving recommended it should be about Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Liz Shaw. Note, I always assume the Brig and Liz eventually end up married and awesome.

ConversationsCollapse )

Fic: We Believe in Abbey Bartlet

Title: We Believe in Abbey Bartlet
Fandom: The West Wing
Rating: T
Words: 960
Summary: The first moment in a line of many for the Abigail Bartlet campaign.
Notes: Written for self_preserving, prompt Abbey Bartlet, firecracker. I don't know how I came up with the idea that she should run for President. Everything else kinda fell in line accidentally? ALSO. If you have not seen the latest Funny or Die West Wing video, please go here. AND VOTE OMG.

We Believe in Abbey BartletCollapse )

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